Zoar Baptist Chapel, Ipswich

St. Helen's Street. Ipswich, IP4 2LH.


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Our Mission


       We are a member church of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (East Anglia) Ltd.










This is an Association formed of Baptist Churches in the Counties of Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex, maintaining in their entirety the following important doctrines and practices:

  • The Old and New Testaments as the infallible Word of God by Divine inspiration;
  • Three equal Persons in the Godhead;
  • Eternal and personal election unto salvation;
  • Original sin;
  • Particular redemption through the atoning sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ;
  • Free justification by the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ alone;
  • God's fully effective grace in regeneration;
  • The Second Coming of our Lord;
  • The final perseverance of real believers;
  • The resurrection of the dead, the future Judgement, and the eternal happiness of the righteous and everlasting misery of such as die impenitent;
  • The necessity of Baptism (by immersion) upon a profession of faith as a prerequisite to Church Membership and the Lord's supper;
  • The obligation of believers to practical obedience to the declared Will of Christ as Head of the Church;
  • The congregational order of the Churches;

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Our History

The first Zoar Chapel, Ipswich opened for worship in David Street (now demolished) on the 7th January 1842. The present chapel situated in St. Helen's Street was opened for worship on Wednesday 18th March 1925. The first minister of Zoar Chapel was Pastor J. B. Bateman who was called to the pastorate on June 19th 1842. He was followed by Pastors W. Felton (1855-59), J. Wilkins (1862-66), S. Willis (1867-70), J. Morling (1872-79), S. Cozens (1882 - 1887), R.C. Bardens (1891-1907), P. Reynolds (1912-34), J.S. Smith (1941-58), R.G. Martin (1960-65), E.D. Eldridge ((1968- 82), R.J. Howells (1984-89) and P.F. Hughes (1991-2005). Church officers include Dr. Graham Eldridge (Elder and Church Treasurer), Mr. John Woodcock (Elder and Church & Mission Secretary), Mr. Peter Cornish, Deacon, and Ovidiu Timpescu , Deacon. We are thankful to God for our Pastor, James Paton, formerly Elder at Surrey Chapel, Botolph Street, Norwich and who was  inducted as our Pastor on 11th September 2010 - pictured above right. We were delighted that the Lord brought along a soulmate for our Pastor James who married Joanna Fisher in July 2013 - photographs of this happy event may be viewed in our "Photo Gallery" section  ** PLEASE NOTE** ....we are about to launch a new interactive website, so this one is "interim" for now.